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Episode One: Peeveepee!

(For those new to < Legendary Wipe Cats >, the kitties have finally gotten Archimonde and the rest of Mount Hyjal on farm status. They're about to enter the Black Temple, when fate... err... the holidays intervene.

Dramatis Personae:
Orkmanda, Main Tank (Amanda, female Orc Warrior)
Lunapwnjoo, Raid Leader (Luna, male Undead Rogue)
Terrorsama, off-healer (Osama, male Tauren Druid, specced rest-o)
The Rest of the Raid (22 other cats of assorted classes))

Setting: Overheard on Vent, outside The Black Temple

Mage cat: Meoooooww!!! *flies through air, lands hard, losing all but 5hp*
Hunter cat + wolf pet: Eeeee! *flies through air, lands on Mage Cat*
Rest of the Raid: *fly through air, land on each other*
Orkmanda: Ow.
Door guard of The Black Temple: AND STAY OUT! *slam*
Lunapwnjoo: *sarcastically* Yeah, that went well, you meeping noobs. We didn't even get through one meowing trash mob! Okay, here's what we'll do next pull. We'll...
Mage cat: Oh no! My human's car just pulled in, I gotta go! /log
Rest of the Raid: yeah, it's getting really late, our humans are all working short days due to this "holiday" thing, whatever that is. /logs

Terrorsama: Huh. My boots are red.
Lunapwnjoo: *looks at Osama suspiciously* How the meow can your boots be red? We barely did one meowing pull! Oh, let me guess, you didn't bother to fix your meeping armor first?
Terrorsama: Uh...
Lunapwnjoo: And isn't that a FERAL staff you're wearing?
Terrorsama: *peers over his shoulder* Huh. *switches to +healing mace*
Lunapwnjoo: *buries his face in his hands and /cries*

Luna: This holiday thing really blows. At this rate, we'll never get a raid together. Maybe we should just do PVP instead. Besides, all our gear is meowing worthless now that we're spending all this time raiding.
Amanda: *smirks* Speak for yourself.
Luna: Wait, WHAT? *boots pinkpolarity's laptop, accesses Orkmanda's page in the Armory* OMG! You have a meeping 2v2 team?!? And you're rated 572nd?
Amanda: Yup.
Luna: But... how could you! Who've you been PVPing with behind my back?
Amanda: Oh, some pit bull in Arizona.
Luna: *scandalized* You've been PVPing with a DOG?
Osama: *wakes up and stretches* What'd I miss? Oh hey, you two fighting again?
Luna and Amanda: *hiss*
Osama: What'd I say?

Luna: I think we should make a 3v3 team.
Osama: Okay, I'm in.
Amanda: Me too.
Luna: But what to call it?
Osama: I think we should call it "Hibernate"
Luna: We can't call it that! All our opponents would think we sleep through all our fights or something! It would meowing ruin our reputation!
Osama: *snores*
Luna: Oh, not again. *bites Osama on the leg*
Amanda: I think we should call it "Merciless Gladiator and a Pair of Noobs"

Luna and Osama: GET HER!

(All further sound was lost, except for lots of hissing and yowling, and a few odd *thumps*.)

(So, any suggestions about what the kitties should name their 3v3 team? Lots of raiding (after New Year's) and shameless PVP exploits coming soon! And maybe a few odd bits of terrorism, if they can work up the energy after getting all those Phat Epix to mastermind any good plots.)
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