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What we did on our holiday vacation!

Dis be Orkmanda posting on behalf of Osamacat and Lunapwnjoo. We thought you might like to see some photos of what we've been up to while we've been on break, not to mention what some of our guildmates look like. As you can see, Terrorsama isn't the only one who's "rest-o" specced!

(These photos are actually from the Cat Naps page-a-day calendar. I thought some were cute enough to be captioned as macros. :) -Ed.)

First, some of us got new phat lewt!

Our Paladin raided the Winter Veil tree, and got...

One of our trial members got an epic... something. We're not sure what it is, and it's PINK, not purple, but he loves it!

Finally, something more practical!

And someone else crafted this flying... thingy.

But it's not all about lewts, sometimes it's just about raiding life. Like wipes.

And crits!

Knowing when it's time to eat and drink...

And then, there's always that one guy who'll point and laugh when you butt-pull a room full of trash mobs.

And finally, you just gotta know when to call it and take a nap.

Oh, and one last one... for every Uberleet raider, there's a tiny little Personal Caddy.

Hope you enjoyed our photo album! Coming soon-- the story of how we came to WoW, and some photos of Luna, Osama, and me. :)
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