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The World's Premier Feline Terror Cell

Al-Kitty Blog
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The continuing adventures of a group of terrorist felines, led by a big, fluffy, and very ditzy Himalayan named Osama bin Kitty. Al-Kitty is his cell, and Al-Lunahiri (Luna) is the Communications & Recruitment Specialist (she's a Colorpoint Shorthair, which is kinda like a pale Siamese, so she yells yowls a lot too) and Abu-Amandy Al Zarkitty (Amanda) is Weapons Expert (a Ragdoll from the pound, she's street smart and has a yen for WMD chasing and retrieving Nerf missiles). Members who don't live with Osama include Intelligence Officer Nell (who lives with ariadnesthread) and the members of the sub-cell called "The Meowliban" (who live with cosmosmariner). If your kitty (or dog) would like to apply, please send an application including relevant experience and successful terrorist operations plotted and executed to Al-Lunahiri.

Updated: Al-Kitty has a new pastime, they've started playing World of Warcraft! Since Luna's yowl sounds very much like "woooow", we joked that she wanted to play WoW, and probably had characters that are higher level than ours and raided all the time. Like any Siamese, she's bossy as hell, so we figure she's a bit like Dives of Onyxia wipe fame (warning: video link is really NWS), guild leader of < Wipe Club >. So this journal will not only include their terrorist plots, but also the doings of guild < Legendary Wipe Cats >, the awesomest, leetest PVP-server raiding guild that ever existed. Read it, or else Lunapwnjoo will gank you!